Providing an excellent, efficient, friendly and transparent Vaillant boiler repair service are among my highest priorities. I provide a valuable service, and providing a positive customer experience is very important to me.

I do believe that there is no one else in the area that I serve that provides a better Vaillant Boiler Repair Service than the service I currently offer.

I do believe that for what I charge you will struggle to find any other independent, Gas Safe registered heating industry professional(s), who can provide a better, more efficient service, that costs the same or less.

How can I provide such a excellent service?

I can provide an excellent service as I am extremely reliable, I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, combined with a respectful can-do attitude, and a large variety of Vaillant ecotec boiler spares which I carry as stock.

I am Gas Safe registered, I have liability insurance and I have been in business since April 2014.

What you can expect if I agree to provide you with my services

Expect someone who turns up if they have promised to do so. Expect that person to be polite and friendly. Expect the likelihood of your boiler being repaired on the first visit to be very good. Expect that person to be very knowledgable, Gas Safe registered, fully insured and to look after your property.

I don’t charge VAT or hidden fees

First of all I am not VAT registered, hence I do not charge my customers VAT. I do not charge any hidden fees. Any prices quoted for a boiler installation, service or repair is the price you would pay.

So don’t expect the expected price of your bill to go up by 20% because I didn’t tell you about VAT.

Any quotes given are valid for seven days.

The cost of a Vaillant boiler service

The average cost of a domestic Vaillant ecotec boiler service tends to average somewhere between £70 and £150 depending on the model of boiler, the size of the installation and the area in which you live.

A Vaillant ecotec Combi boiler that needs a minor service tends to cost between £70 – £80 not including any parts.

A Vaillant ecotec Combi boiler that needs a major service(typically every five years), tends to cost between £140 – £150.

This price of this major service includes the cost the G10 burner door seal, but does not typically include the cost of any other parts.

For more information on Vaillant boiler servicing please see my Vaillant ecotec Boiler Servicing Page.

The cost of a Vaillant boiler repair

Regarding a boiler or central heating repair, it generally takes up to an hour to assess any given boiler or system properly to determine the extent of what it may or may not need, and how long it will take to repair.

The cost of this first hour goes towards the total amount of time any boiler or central heating repair takes, however I do expect to be paid for the first hour.

After I have made a thorough assessment within the first hour, I can usually provide a quote for the total cost of any boiler or central heating repair.

If you are able to provide me with all the details of your faults/problems with your boiler before I attend, then I can usually provide you with a very accurate estimate of the total cost of any given repair.

So as mentioned I do expect to paid for this first hour I spend assessing a boiler or heating system.

For the first hour I typically charge £70 for the average domestic boiler or central heating repair. Thereafter I charge £60 per hour.

The average Vaillant Combi boiler repair typically takes around two hours, and typically costs around £120 – £130 plus parts.

Light Commerical Vaillant Boiler Repairs

Depending upon the type of installation(domestic or commercial), work on light commercial boilers/installations will generally be charged at £80 per hour plus parts.

The cost of a Vaillant boiler replacement

Price on availability. There are a lot of different variables and regulations to take into account regarding replacement boilers, it is not a one size fits all type of thing.

For this reason it is difficult to offer fixed prices regarding installation work. Any potential installation job needs to be assessed for any estimates or quotes to be provided.

Payment Terms

Payments can be accepted by Cash, Card or a Bank Transfer. Cheques are not acceptable. Payment terms are payment on completion or within 7 days of completion of any work, and submission of invoice (by prior arrangement).

Title of goods does not pass from myself until the final invoice is paid in full.

Deposits or advance payments are not usually required, but may be required in some instances.

Where an appliance cannot be repaired or serviced, due to poor installation, or has not been installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, or current Gas Safety Regulations, the minimum charge(first hour) will apply at the current rate detailed on this page.

Last Updated: September 20, 2021