Vaillant ecotec plus 831 pump replacement

This was a repair on a Vaillant ecotec Plus 831 in Sheffield, S11. The pump was still working but was failing and was making a rumbling noise at certain speeds.

On these models the pump can vary its speed depending on the load on the system. As such I have found that often they may run quietly until they run at a certain speed at which point they can be quite loud.

Vaillant ecotec F.75 repair

This was a repair I did on a Vaillant ecotec pro which had stopped working altogether. The display was showing the dreaded, yet extremely common F.75 fault code. The early versions of the ecotec boilers were fitted with problematic pumps and early versions of the pressure sensors also suffered from issues.

Leaking Magnaclean magnetic system filter

This was the 2nd of my 6 jobs that I did on this Friday for a customer who lives in Barnsley, S72. This repair wasn’t anything major, actually quite a trivial problem.

These type of filters have an O ring seal at the top which can leak. On the lid it does stipulate that the lid should only be hand tightened, but often they get over tightened. There is a tool to remove the lid sometimes it is used to tighten the lid as well.